Thursday, 4 February 2016

The Tempest - Pendulum

'Too late, you dropped the drawbridge
You let the vampires in
You caused this shit to happen, and now you want out?'

Swire-Thompson - Listen Here.

Song Choice:- Oh my it's going to be a Pendulum week at this rate, I can see it coming...but hey who gives one apart from me and I'm 54 on Saturday and I'm really grown up and it's my blog anyway!

Yep, I'm in one of those moods and beware, I'm going to bash on about 'Energy Vampires' a bit today because they just get on my tits if I'm being honest. Now, before you say that I'm 'Vamping' you...I'm not. I'm just trying to help you wake up to their lurking existence and help stop you letting them into your world and suck the very life-blood out of you.

As Swire-Thompson so rightly sings...
'Too late, you dropped the drawbridge
You let the vampires in
I hope you know now that it's nobody's fault but yours!'

Sounds familiar? What were you thinking?

Well the thing is you weren't...thinking that is. You were probably being really nice at the time. You know the situation... You are standing at the school-gates with the other parents making small talk, or stuck in an office with someone that hates their job and just goes on and on about it all day, or you have friends around at the weekend whom moan about their child's school fees...OMG, I can feel pints of my O+ being sucked out of my veins even just writing this.

I've done the school gates and I never chatted to anyone, and I work for myself so have no colleagues to kill my ears and never have people round for dinner for exactly the school fees reason. Yikes, that evening nearly killed me....

And OK, I might sound a bit miserable but I see people all week, all on their best behaviour and it's really refreshing and uplifting and all that to help them on their way BUT I love the solitude of my running, my time when it's just me out there bashing out the miles, reproducing gallons and gallons of fresh lovely bright red O+ to breath fresh Oxygen into my veins and make me feel really ALIVE.

The problem with any Vampire's is they're DEAD and they want to make you DEAD too.

My advice is 'Never let your guard down' avoid them getting into your head at all costs and run for your life...

Swire-Thompson continues:-
'While you are letting your guard down
I will be letting myself go
While you keep running your ship aground
I will be setting myself alight'

I bet you can name a few surrounding you right now, just waiting to sink their negative teeth deep into your neck...Better get your trainers on, Headphones plugged in and Pendulum yourself up for a Positive Blood Transfusion. If you are running at the Pilgrim Challenge at the weekend, I'll have my headphones plugged in on full volume, I'm not being rude, I just don't need 'Energy Vampiring'.

Hmm...That feels better and I'm ready for some 'Daylight'...

More tomorrow...
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