Sunday, 28 February 2016

Wild Hearted Son - The Cult

Lyric:- 'Cause I'm a wild hearted son, the world didn't want me to run' - Astbury & Duffy

Song Choice:- The Cult were one of my favourite bands of the 80's and 90's. Ok, they did go a bit Guns 'N' Roses on this particular track but it clatters along nicely with great rhythm and pace. I particularly like the bashing snare drum throughout. Sure it's a bit pretentious but check out the video with the very shy bass player and Google, Ian Astbury, the lead-singer to see his downwards transformation over the last 25 years.

Anyway, I just love the track and of course believe that I'm a pretty 'Wild Hearted Son' myself, with all the things I've done in life, but thinking about it...erm I'm not. 

OK, I do some very extreme activities that are seen as being 'extraordinary' and very 'out of the ordinary' but they're not 'Wild'. In fact, they're VERY calculated and EXTREMELY controlled affairs. Everything is worked out in the minutest detail, training is played out like a daily dress rehearsal and equipment is evaluated for comfort, durability and effectiveness to the power of 10.

How UN-wild is that?

It made me think when did I last do something REALLY wild, and I'm not sure when that was. Maybe it was in my hard-drinking days? Booze can unlock the potential 'Wild Child' in any of us. The list of A-List celebs, currently out there blowing their fuses on the way to rehab only underlines that the 'Wild Child' lifestyle. Looking at how they conduct themselves it only shows that the lifestyle isn't worth it and hopefully they will eventually see the light and do an 'Alice Cooper' and dry out and play golf.

It's certainly worked for him and maybe running worked for me too as it STOPPED me becoming the 'Wild Child' I never was.

Whether I become one in the future, well who knows. I'm not sure how 'Wild' I'm going to be today. I can't see myself rushing off to the local Harley-Davidson Garage, credit card in hand, off to get myself 'heading off down the highway, born to be 'Wild'. Then again, it would be very 'Wild', as I've never even ridden a motorbike before!

Well back in the room and that ain't gonna happen and I'll stick to stepping on the cracks in the pavements for my danger today. 

How 'Wild' is that!

How 'Wild' are YOU?

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