Saturday, 1 July 2017

Skyfall - Adele

Lyrics:- 'Where world's collide and days are dark' - Adkins & Epworth

Song Choice:- I saw on Breakfast TV that singing megastar Adele has today pulled out of her final two Wembley gigs with damaged vocal chords. A really tough injury for someone who's fortune has been made using her incredible singing ability and I hope for her sake she gets to do the performances she personally hailed as 'her biggest ever shows'.

Having suffered previously with terrible stage-fright, she must feel a sense of relief as she now won't have to face such a large spectrum of fans and critics. Being SO famous with SUCH a well known repertoire of songs can be so dangerous for the ego. It leaves no margin of error at all and it's easy to see why her confidence has been knocked over the years.

If Adele were a tennis player, it would mean not only winning set but every game and every point in a match too. And as there is no possible change of doing so, there's only one way out -  and that's to do a 'Kate Bush' and just not perform live again, which of course is a real shame - not because I'm a big Adele fan, I'm not. I just feel sorry for her and where her singing talent has taken her.

To NOT singing...

Having ones confidence challenged about the thing in life you love the most, by some idiots that don't even know you, because they are intimidated by your talent or confidence really sucks. These folk aren't even 'Average' in my book and if you have a few 'Confidence Knockers' orbiting your world right now, maybe it's time to set them free and move on to your own 'Oh oh Heaven'...

We might not have Adele's cash but we've got the same spirit and hold your head high, light I do and be confident in being Awesome and don't give a damn what anyone else says as they're just scared... of you and of themselves.

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