Friday, 18 October 2013

Are you ready? - Richard Ashcroft

Mr MdS - Patrick Bauer
'Are you ready, ohh are you ready' - Ashcroft

I've done all my packing for the weekend as I have the 'Marathon des Sables Expo' tomorrow followed by the Abingdon Marathon. Neither are new to me as I was at the Expo last year and thoroughly enjoyed speaking to the MdS Wannabes and I've done Abingdon four times before, the last time being in 2001 a whopping 12 years ago.

I always say that 'Preparation Pays Dividends' and I've also got my 45 minute talk all carefully rehearsed ready to give this year's MdS Wannabes a real insight into what they have let themselves in for next April.

Hopefully, I won't scare the pants off them that much BUT it will provide them with a great spring-board to really get their TRAINING underway.

Not only will my old friend Patrick Bauer, the MdS Race Director, be at the Expo (I always love a bit of 'Franglais' with him) but I'll also get the opportunity to catch up with lots of other old MdS friends and have the opportunity to meet lots of new ones too.

Nice eh?

If you are racing on Sunday - I hope you are really committed and smash out a good time.

More post Marathon...

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