Sunday, 6 October 2013

Stoptober Day 28 - Cardiff - Level 42 - It's Over

1.49.07 - 784 miles and SO pleased
'I can feel the tears, running through the years' - King, Badarou & Gould

I thought a lot today about something TV's Helen Skelton said when I coached her a few years ago... She said...

'If you're told you can't do something, get your head down, get on with it and you never know, you might just do it'.

And how right she is as I finished off the last 13.1 miles of my 28 mile Ultra-marathons in 28 days for my #Stoptober Challenge in the Cardiff Half Marathon today.

Before the Challenge, I had wondered whether I would be running, walking or crawling over the start line and my original plan was to run as much of the 28 stages as possible. However, during the last 4 weeks I've run every single step, withstood torrential rain and some hot autumn days, tackled endless hills and visited some of the greatest landscapes and cities in the UK.

What a dream of a Mega-day Ultra this has been for me... I've just LOVED it...

Today's Half Marathon was the icing on the cake and I clocked a great time of 1:49:07... this was after getting up at 3:30am to get 15 miles in before I started the race. 

The race itself went SO quickly and it's where the last 28 days of emotion hit me. Before I knew it I was a mile out from the finish shedding a few tears and thinking about what I've been able to achieve. Hopefully I have been able to encourage thousands of people to quit smoking and shown people what you can do if you give yourself a challenge.

I've already been asked if I'm glad it's over - I'm not as I could easily carry on (as long as there's a constant Strawberry Milkshake supply)! I'm in good shape without injuries or blisters and still feel very energized and determined. 

However, what I would say is that without the support of my partner Jenny, it would be very difficult - she's been awesome. I must also thank Chris Mounsey-Thear at Freud Communications for his vision and enthusiasm for the whole run and Public Health England and the Welsh Government for allowing me to be the figurehead of their 2013 Stoptober Campaign. 

If you've been there for me, and you know who you are, I thank you for your support, love and friendship as it really matters when you do this type of extreme running event. 

Would I do it again, what do you think? Just watch this space!

More tomorrow...

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  1. CONGRATULATIONS - what an amazing achievement! Fantastic that you've run the whole way & also that your body (& mind!) have held up through it all.

    Hopefully as a replacement activity, you can spend at least the next 28 days basking in your achievement!