Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Salt 'n' Pepa - Push It

'Better make it fast' - Azor & Davies

Well, it's been a busy old day of MdS Coaching for me but the most rewarding part of my day was hill training tonight with MdS 2014 hopeful and Cardiff Runner, Sarah Morris.

Don't get me wrong, training a super-lady like Sarah is a real pleasure but the best thing is, that she's about the same speed as I am and that makes the training far more specific and adds some competition to running a hill session with her.

It turned out to be my fastest hills session EVER and I can really feel the benefit now of tapering down after all those miles out on the road. I'm going to make the most of these hills sessions with her whilst I can as it won't be long until Sarah is beating me to the top. 

It's all about pushing oneself...

Since June, I've knocked up to 15 seconds on average off each of my 8 hill-climbs and I'm now feeling stronger and a lot, lot faster.

More tomorrow and well done tonight, Sarah...

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