Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Relax - FG2H

Luckily, I've found my quads again! They disappeared from my legs on Sunday at around midday but have luckily come back to me just now...three days after the Abingdon Marathon. I must have given them an almighty smashing during the race and hopefully they will be back to full working order by Saturday's Beachy Head.

You might ask why on earth do you put yourself thru all this every week and all I can say is that it's totally WORTH it as it's just an awesome thing to be able to go and do all these mega-distance races and experiences.

I think that life would be VERY dull if all there was to look forward to is an expanding waistline, receding hair and endless reruns of Top Gear.

People do though and luckily I'm able to coach people away from being ordinary and make them extra-ordinary.

I did this again for Allan and Gareth today on one of my MdS Training and Gym Days. Both are great athletes and I believe both will be even BETTER athletes now they know how to get the best out themselves.

Are YOU getting the best out of YOU... I'm sure I can make YOU better :-) 
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