Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Keep on Running - Spencer Davis Group

'Keep on runnin', Keep on hidin'
One fine day I'm gonna be the one, to make you understand'

It's funny eh, run 784 miles in 28 days and all you want to do is to keep on running! In fact it feels like I have to keep on as I believe that I need to de-train from my 'Stoptober Road Trip'. I didn't on previous mega-day marathons and suffered both mentally and physically from the sudden lack of endorphin agitation and lack of direction caused by PTRD (Post Traumatic Race Disorder).

Therefore I'm still at it...I did a 5 miler yesterday and 6.5 miles today, just as recovery runs and I thoroughly enjoyed them too. Not only as they felt very easy but also they were such SHORT runs.

It's amazing how your horizons can change in just 28 days and how you can become pretty invincible and extremely fit. I'm looking forward to maintaining this level of fitness and I want to enjoy the next few weeks of running as I've got Abingdon and Beachy Head Marathons to go and have a good go at.

Luckily I have a speaking engagement to attend tomorrow at Centrix to go and spread my good news and keep my feet firmly on the ground- I've been given an hour...

How I am I going to fit it all in!

More tomorrow...

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