Thursday, 3 October 2013

Stoptober Day 25 - April - Thomas Newman

£80,000 plate on a pick-up truck worth £80
Yes I know its #Stoptober October but this April track played on my mp3 today around the half way point of my 28 miles and it comes from the amazing film Revolutionary Road, that I love.

Jenny would say that the film is a bit of a wrist slasher, like another Thomas Newman Sound-tracked film, Road to Perdition; but if you find April on YouTube please plug in your headphones and just LISTEN to the music, and think.

Ok - you are now where I was at 14 miles today on the side of the A4 just running along without a care in the world doing what I love doing and being the person I want to be.

You had to be there but everything became super-clear to me and I reached a state of mind where suddenly everything slotted into place and a sort of mental eclipse happened. It was totally amazing and I'm not too sure how to explain it...maybe it's the 25 days of running, maybe it was just after another can of Coke or maybe my endorphins were working overtime...but I feel GREAT and most happy right now.

Lets hope it continues as I run further along the road tomorrow towards God's Country. - The UK's Leading ULTRAmarathon Coaches.

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