Saturday, 5 October 2013

Stoptober Day 27 - Cardiff - Shut your Eyes - Snow Patrol

Caerphilly Mountain
'Just close your eyes until you can imagine this place, yeah, our secret space at will' - Lightbody, Wilson, Simpson, Connolly, Quinn & Quinn

As I get to the end of my #Stoptober Challenge, I am already starting to mourn it's passing and starting to struggle with Post Traumatic Race Disorder I believe. As the great Snow Patrol lyric above says it's a very secret space when I'm out on the run all day and it's a state where time stands still and I can live for a few hours in a very special bubble in which I can explore the world around me and the world inside my head.

I'm not sure which is more scary, I know the world outside is a vast expanse of countryside, fields, town and people...I've seen a lot of it in the past 27 days. I've also become very comfortable in my own company and I've enjoyed time thinking about a multitude of life events and listened hour upon hour of 70's and 80's progressive rock, which has also helped me thru the 756 miles so far.

I've been very comfortable in the company of my partner Jenny, she's been a saint and we've been living so closely this past month and we've got an even better understanding of what makes us both payment it's my turn to support her now, which of course I will do gladly. Few people have that relationship with their partner so I feel very lucky indeed to have her.

I'm lucky too that so much effort has been put into me running the 28 x 28 by other people and I hope to finish with a flourish tomorrow with a final 13.1 miles at the Cardiff Half-Marathon tomorrow...shame I have to get up at 5am to run 14.9 miles first but hey ho, that's the Challenge.

Time for some R&R now with our friends Ade and Sam Caroen and more tomorrow from the finish.

See you then... 

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