Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Wishing Well - Black Sabbath

'Time is a never ending journey' - Butler, Dio, Iommi & Ward.

Finally made it back to the gym today and my little arms are killing now from pushing some tiny dumbbells, that I used to warm up with, to an 8 rep max destruction.

I'll be using a pointer and not my arms tonight at my 'Run and Become' talk in London. It sounds like it's a sell out, which makes me feel very proud and I'm looking forward to strutting my stuff later.

Talking of strutting, I did strut after the gym as it happens and banged in another 8+ miles at good pace. The endurance in my legs is definitely getting better and my post race recovery is getting quicker.

Steppingly Step might be a good one on Sunday and it's some time since I did an LDWA so I might see you there.

I'm off to warm up for tonight now...me me me me me - yep warming up just fine...

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