Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Stoptober Day 23 - Stop - Spice Girls

'Stop Right Now' - The Spice Girls

Today has been an amazing October 1st for me as it's #Stoptober Day in England and Wales, the first of twenty-eight dedicated to helping smokers quit and I was part of the launch in Trafalgar Square at midday.

I had decided to get my daily 28 miles out of the way early, so following a 5am start, I ran into Central London, taking on the sights and sounds of the City as it waked for another busy day.

Shops were opening, almost tame Foxes were searching for food and a multitude of people were bustling their way to work as I steadily made my way into the city almost unseen. There were lots of people running into the office which must be a London thing and even a few brave scooter riders, though they did looked far too old for them.

I completed my 28 miles just before I ran into Trafalgar Square to meet with Dame Sally Davies the Chief Medical Officer and Dr Kevin Fenton CEO of Public Health England both of whom are responsible for the #Stoptober Project - they were just fantastic and kept thanking me - I just thanked them as its been an amazing thing for me to be part of.

They also introduced me to Kelsey-Beth Crossley, a beautiful young actress who has quit smoking today - I'm sure my sons would love her as she's a similar age :-)

After that - it was off to Kingston University to see the Two Chris's to see how much of my body is left after three weeks. At roughly 5kgs lighter, I'm doing alright despite the vast quantities of food I've been cramming down...it's certainly made me pretty lean!

Both Bertie Portal and Ben Wilson commented when they saw me today and I'm looking forward to seeing Ben Atkin, from Majorca, tomorrow - it's busy on #Stoptober!

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