Friday, 4 October 2013

Stoptober Day 26 - Newport - U2 - Last night on Earth

Half 'n Half
'The less you know the more you believe' - Bono & The Edge

Well it's nearly finished, and there's just two days to go and 56 miles to run on my #Stoptober Challenge on 2013. I'm starting to feel sad that it's coming to an end and running into Cardiff tonight, underlined that fact all too well.

I made sure that going into Wales was fun and of course we did it on the Old Severn Bridge...from there it was on to Chepstow, Newport and a long run along the A48 into the City limits. It was a good route and an A2B always helps as you know by now.

My usual way of running the 28 miles in 7 mile blocks worked it's usual treat again and the last 7 miles absolutely flew by and I was finished before I knew it, under 6 hours which was good after 26 days on the road.

Tomorrow's start is very early as I'm on BBC Wales at 7.35am - they did ask me if I wanted a car to pick me up to get me to the studio which was nice of them but I just said that I'd run there instead and not to worry...well its only a couple of miles and I need to warm up for Park Run at 9am! 

The poor lady at BBC thought I was crackers...enough said...

I am looking forward to the weekend and we have family and friends Ade and Sam Caroen coming to stay as we are all running the Cardiff Half to finish off my #Stoptober 28 in 28.

It's going to be emotional...

More tomorrow.

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