Monday, 21 October 2013

Reeling in the Years - Steely Dan

'Your everlasting summer, you can see it fading fast' - Becker & Fagan

It's amazing what you can do, if you put your mind and body into something. And we've just had one of those weekends where things went to plan and Jenny and I achieved some landmark personal goals along the way.

It started with a long Saturday at this year's Marathon des Sables Expo in London where we met, encouraged and lectured this year's intake of Competitors. As it's my 'Mastermind Specialist Subject' and I love public speaking, it was right up my street as they say and I thoroughly enjoyed the whole day. 

Hopefully those we met did too. 

Judging by the amount of calls for MdS Coaching today, I must have obviously struck a few chords... and of course I'll be doing my best to get ALL of them to the finish line in one piece.

As for the Abingdon Marathon, well we both had a great race on what I would describe as more of a Pavement Marathon rather a Road Race. Since last running the race in 2001, the course has far more twists and turns and isn't the flat out fast 26.2 miler it used to be IMO. However Jenny Clocked a new Pb of 3:03:03 and I did a 14 year marathon best of 3:37:46. My quickest since I was 37 and best this century. I'm really pleased and obviously losing 7kgs and 784 miles of LSD during Stoptober has made me very marathon-fit.

My aim now is to stay in top-condition for another road race in November - watch this space.

More tomorrow...

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  1. Well done to you both! Like & agree your description of pavement rather than road marathon! Makes your times even better with all that kerb-jumping! Sarah