Thursday, 24 October 2013

In the air tonight - Phil Collins

'But the pain still grows, it's no stranger to you or me' - Phil Collins

My oh my it's been busy... The Guardian, Men's Fitness, Outdoor Fitness, Running Fitness, Daily Express and even The Star... you name it and I think I've spoken to them today or been in it recently. Can't be bad eh, and even though it's mostly the same 'Rory Transformation Story' it doesn't matter as it still helps people see that there's a way out of their current lifestyle into a new and much healthier way of living.

I'm currently thinking of getting this process down on paper soon and writing about this change in behaviour which I truly believe anyone can adopt. I know it works from the success stories I see in my clients.

I'll be seeking out some volunteers in the next few weeks to undergo a similar change and if you are interested in my Change Process and I HAVEN'T trained you or a friend you might want to help in the past. Please let me know. You don't have to be a top athlete or even a runner.

Now there's an offer...

Anyway, less of that and I'm off to change for a run out with Les Croupiers Running Club tonight...on THESE quads! It's kill or I'm in need of speed.

Let's see if I can walk straight tomorrow.

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