Sunday, 27 October 2013

Wire - U2

'The longest sleep' - Evans & Clayton

The extra hour made a welcome addition to a long night's sleep following yesterday's Beachy Head Marathon. The 218 mile return journey didn't give me too much leg rigamortis and I think the immediate food, stretching and walk following the marathon really helped reduce the terrible DOMS that Abdingdon gave from all those blessed pavements.

With a couple of easier weeks before the Druid Challenge, I'm going to be doing some shorter runs to pick the pace back up again. I did manage a 7.5 min 25th mile yesterday which really pleased me and I still think there's more to come.

I'll be speaking about that at 'Run and Become' on Tuesday night if you are in Victoria...

Before that, it's a celebration post 'Stoptober' Steak dinner tonight so there's a chance to get some good quality protein on-board and a nice romantic dinner with my Jenny.

More tomorrow...

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