Thursday, 10 October 2013

Nothing Else Matters - Metallica

'Every day for us something new, open mind for a different view' - James Hetfield & Lars Ulrich

Like the song says, every day brings us something new and I believe it did again for me today as I now start to think about the run up to the Abingdon Marathon on Sunday 20th October.

After 28 days of LSD (long - slow - distance) and three recovery runs so far this week, it was time to up the tempo today and get my legs turning over quicker and start running up on my toes. Not an easy task when you've been whacking in hundreds of 11 minute miles and you are in need of turning up your cadence to 11...

It certainly elevates your heart-rate and I spent 14 of the 36 minutes in 
High-Intensity, 7 at Race-Pace and the rest at Tempo which made a huge difference to the normal active recovery my HRM normally says.

It felt good anyway and the best part is that I just loved being out running and thoroughly enjoyed it - which is why we do it???

More tomorrow...

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