Wednesday, 31 December 2014

All the Answers - Jesus Jones

Lyric:- You have all the answers - Edwards

Song Choice:- Saw them in 1991 and thought they were amazing - great songs, great lyrics, greatly missed...

As we wind up 2014 and prepare to roll out 2015 I wonder what will stand out for you this year?

What were the moments that changed your world, your direction, your thoughts.

I met hundreds of people this year like every year, searching for answers to questions and life conundrums that they already know or are scared of finding out or admitting to.

It's always good to take time out to think, prepare and then action in my experience and as a Coach I spend a lot of time looking in on other folks predicaments. If only things were that simple to fix.

I learned a lot about myself back in 1993/4 and finally after confessing to myself I was out of control, in a world of total unhappiness I took the 'Bull by the Horns' and took a deep breath before sorting out my life.

By April, I was a totally different person in a place, I never even knew existed...Yes, you guessed it, I had All the Answers and all I needed was a gentle push to pluck up the courage I needed.

I'm a definite example of a New Year's Resolution and it's one I'm dead proud of.

Now, if you need to sort yourself out, do something extraordinary, change your life, whatever...Let me know as I'd love to help you out...

An Exciting New Year to you :-)

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