Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Tears for Fears - Change

Lyric:- Change, you can change - Orzabal

Song Choice:- I've always admired Orzabal's songwriting and this 1983 (Yes it really is that old) offering marked the start of the big time for the mismatched of talents perhaps pop duo.

Anyway, I love a bit of Change as you know and if I've helped you Change your Running, Way of Life or Behavioural Process or all of these you'll know how much better you can feel about things with some different eyes looking honestly in on your lot.

I did this 10 years ago tomorrow for a German Guy called Ronald whom I met on a 40 mile social ultra in Baden-Baden.

There was a lot of time to talk that day as we ran thru the vineyards of The Black Forest in sub zero temperatures. We connected immediately and spoke of our lives and about the things that had driven us to be there in Germany at that moment on that day. The 11th December 2004.

I bent Ronald's ears about my running salvation story and he told me how to play poker as he is a professional gambler.

Luckily he took my booze advice and I forgot the poker part and tomorrow he turns 10 years dry. 3652 lovely days without a drop passing his lips...Wow.

He was my first real Change I could make on the world after myself of course and one that I am so proud of, as that's where my professional career really turned a corner and I started making a difference to other people.

Let me make a difference for you too eh? Elizabeth is three months dry going into her first Christmas on the wagon and I'm proud of her too...

More tomorrow from Coleman World where you don't have to have a drink to have fun.

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