Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Faith - George Michael

Lyric:- Yes I got to have faith.

Song Choice:- I've never been too much of a lover of the stubbled troubled one but Faith is a great song and very apt for my blog today.

You see Life is all about Faith. Well hope and belief as well but we make millions of decisions in our lifetime and experience just as many likes and dislikes too.

What we do and what we like when we are 25 can be totally different at 50 say. You can grow to like things it come to loath them at anytime too, for example I simply can't do Tuna or Salmon. Never could, never will. I know that 100% for sure in my lifetime. Yet at 25 a life minus B&H and Stella Artois seemed unthinkable. My how things have changed.

Or have they? Maybe it's just that my needs have changed and that there isn't enough satisfaction from the Nicotine or Alcohol to keep my needs fulfilled as a human being.

So when I went on my first run on 5th Jan 1994, I fell in love at first sight for the answer to both my physical and emotional needs. I didn't know I'd run marathons or set world records that day, I just knew I loved it.

I didn't have to think why, I just knew it. Maybe I live in a very simplistic world but it serves me well and maybe you need to have faith too.

It really helps and this year it's been the biggest thing I've encouraged folk to get...

21 miles of Sand today - that needed faith I can tell you!

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