Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Secret World (Live) - Peter Gabriel

Lyric:- 'What was it we were thinking of?' - The Lord Sir Peter of Gabriel

Song Choice:- This song just blew me away at last night's Peter Gabriel Gig in Cardiff's Motorpoint Arena. There are a few people whom you can say this about but Gabriel is one of the few that has real the 'X-Factor'. The biggest thing I took away from the gig was his pure professionalism and showmanship built over nearly fifty years of music creativity. What a gift...

For me to be just a few yards from someone who has been there in my good times and not so good times making the songs that have partnered the peaks and troughs of my last forty years made me feel quite emotional about the profound effect this one person has had on my life.

From the hissing, whirrings of 1970's poor quality double cassettes played as loudly as they could on a tape recorder plugged into a radio to make it even louder...Gabriel's songs have stood the test of time and sound as fresh as ever especially as they have now been remastered. 

Shaking his hand at the Hammersmith Odeon in '78 feels just like yesterday - where on earth did those 36 years go?

That's the sad thing...

Make sure you don't let 'all that has gone before leave no trace'...(Gabriel lyric amended)...

More tomorrow.

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