Monday, 22 December 2014

That time of the Night - Marillion

Lyric:- Your senses tangled in a new perfume - Dick, Mosley, Kelly & Trewavas

Song Choice:- I love this line from one of the best concept albums made since the almighty Lamb Lies Down on Broadway from Marillion's predecessors Genesis.

It's a great line isn't it? The notion of cloaking the 'Elephant in the Room' by disguising it rather than taking it by the tusks and sorting it out.

As I head towards my 21st birthday of Alcohol Abstinence, it does make me wonder why it took me so long to see the Elephant. It was there plain for me to see all the's amazing how we put things off when we know something is dramatically Pete Tong with our lives.

If you're a doer then it's an easy think to rectify. It would be a lot easier now for me of course and even easier with a bucket of hindsight in my rear view mirrors.

My challenge to you is to consider your 'Elephants' just as I'll consider mine, yes I have new ones, as we head into the new year and the 5th January, my 21st Birthday.

Hopefully you won't have your senses tangled too much longer...if only it was that easy eh?

More tomorrow after a lot of running in the sand down at Merthyr Mawr.

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