Saturday, 6 December 2014

Sound of the Crowd - The Human League

Oakey Stands Out from the Crowd
Lyric:- 'No need to stand proud, add your voice to the sound of the crowd' - Burden & Oakey

Song Choice:- Love and Dancing by The Human League Unlimited Orchestra is one of my favourite albums of all-time and Oakey's Baritone voice and excellent Martin Rushent (sadly no longer with us) made the 1981 above single seem most apt to accompany today's blog.

This week I've said many times over that I've been speaking a different language to
some of the people that I've met and that there has been a lot of one way emotional traffic, which isn't surprising considering my job.

What became more evident as the week went on was it wasn't a different language I was speaking it was more about me making sure I still stand out from the crowd. It's really important to me as I have standards. 

That’s the hard part especially if you are part of a crowd that happily gets hammered for instance and expect you to do the same and if you don’t, they hammer you or you are in a position of power and the folk you are dircecting, don't like your direction.

I've been asked a couple of times this week ‘How can I get thru Christmas without a drink?’ Well…it’s really easy and if anyone gives you a hammering for not doing so, tell them simply to ‘Foxtrot Oscar’. 

It’s funny how folk find a reverse gear when you challenge them back, I hate bullies.

How do I know? Well it’s coming up to 21 years dry for me and I have no problem owning up to having a problem with alcohol and I've been ganged up on and stood my ground.

If that's you (and you know who you are) stick out from the crowd, they're the losers…

When you can do this you'll feel so much better and you ‘Can Stand Proud AWAY from the Crowd’.

I do...

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