Monday, 8 December 2014

Wishing Well - Black Sabbath

Lyric:- Yeah, Throw me a penny and I'll make you a dream, you find that life's not always what it seems - Iommi, Butler, Ward & Dio

Song Choice:- Bought this in 1980 and it's still as good as ever and the lyrics have loads of lines that ring true as I could have chosen 'Dream for a while of the things that make you smile'...for today's blog.

You see my job is all about people's DREAMS...and recently I've heard a lot of self-imposed NIGHTMARES!!!!

Don't get me wrong, I've made loads of them myself BUT isn't it your DREAMS and aspirations that keep us going? Watch an episode of Jeremy Kyle and see how superior you feel to this diverse bunch of halfwits whom spend their wasteful lives eroding their years and brain-cells on drain cleaner and drugs rather than making something on their time on the planet?

It's amazing how many of them have no teeth!

Anyway, Jeremy's simplistic attempt at conflict resolution might be entertaining to some but it does show you how much time we spend in dispute. It's really corrosive to everyone concerned and simply not worth the waste of time and energy in my book. There are better things to do with our time.

It's always best to walk away and concentrate ones energy on where YOU are going and on what YOU are doing. If I coach you and you've changed your approach, you'll know where I'm coming from.

The other one I'm not understanding atm is if you are contracted to work for 37.5hrs a week and work 80hrs for no extra cash; that you are giving your employer your salary+ free. I've been there but at 52 I can say I was never thought any more of and there was always someone there to fill my boots however much I thought I was irreplaceable.

Follow your dream folks and make a wish!

More tomorrow...

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