Monday, 29 December 2014

These Days - Take That

So fast I'm blurred...
Lyric:- Tonight we gotta live for, we gotta live for these days. We'll remember these days

Song Choice:- Can't resist a bit of Take That as we head towards 2015 and a chance to get your head around planning a New Year. Gary Barlow writes such uplifting songs and this particular song sums up my feelings perfectly today.

Yesterday's Phoenix Winter Marathon was my 52nd this year and with one more to add tomorrow it's going to be a marathon every 6.89 days which makes me most happy, especially as there wasn't a Stoptober or Football Pilgrimage in sight.

My thoughts about 'these days' are that in ten or twenty years, I'll be looking back warmly thinking just how bloody marvellous it was to get up at 5am, drive to London, bash out a sub 4 marathon (just) and then drive home. I was asked 'Why?' and it's simple, I just want to and it satisfies my endeavour. Most of the people walking or riding their bikes, haphazardly might I add, looked really miserable...I wasn't!

I know I write lots of posts like this one BUT I just can't be someone that doesn't do adventure or is risk adverse. All that stuff drives me potty and it's not necessary what you've GOT it's what you DO that makes for a full and happy life.

Four up and downs on a muddy towpath was a very happy place for me...

I'll be looking for more in 2015 too as I take on the MdS again and more marathons and ULTRA's that keep me 'sticking out'...

Are you sticking out or going with the flow?

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