Sunday, 14 December 2014

Ease the Pressure - The Beloved

Lyric:-) If you're feeling low - Marsh & Marsh

Song Choice:- I instantly loved 'Hello' when it was realised and this is an all time running anthem for me.

For some it will remind them of their dancing and clubbing youth, which is where we once let off steam to relax. I bet I could Dad Dance all night with my level of fitness as long as I had enough energy drink and a suitable white three piece wicking suit and black shirt.

I'm disco runner nowadays and not in need of the 40 cigarettes and 10 pints needed as the basis of a good night out. I see the clubbers coming home as I starting a long Sunday Morning run sometimes or as I'm leaving the city for a marathon.

Makes you wonder whether it's all been with it for them...worst of all if they have been to the Cardiff Kebab House rated at 0/5 hygiene before it was closed down!

Anyway, there's no hangover for me to overcome and an office party of just me to satisfy - so I'm going to party hard and go for a nice long run on my own mid-week.

I might stop and Dad Dance on my own whilst I'm out too...

Just to Ease the Pressure /-)

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