Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Foxhole - Television

Lyric:- 'Hello Guardian Angel' - Verlaine

Song Choice:- This is off my 1978 Album Adventure originally bought on Cassette and later on Red 12 inch vinyl. Ahh...those were my New York Days Arthaus!!!

I heard this old classic earlier today and I've always love that line about having a Guardian Angel. Yikes I must have worn mine out over the years with some of the scrapes I've put myself and my well into the teens and beyond 'Cat's Nine Lives'. Have you had a few too many close shaves...

It makes me wonder how this body of mine has got thru it's 52 year complete battering by it's rather un-careful owner, having been raced and rallied at will to destruction and back with the expectation that it will last for a good few years to come. 

I also think a similar aged 1962 car would be rusted into the ground by now and yet I reckon I've got another 100,000 miles to running to add onto my speedo at least...I do hope my Little Guardian Angel keeps looking after me as She's done a great job in getting me this far.

More tomorrow....

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