Saturday, 13 December 2014

Figure it out - Royal Blood

Lyric:- But it's killing me to try and figure it out...

Song Choice:- What a rocker this track is! Two people making a massive sound and impact on the UKs music scene in 2014. They are awesome I think.

The lyric sums up this Pre-Christmas period to me and before you say 'Humbug', I mean that I'm trying to figure out just how much time and energy are we expected to invest into this never ending prelude to just one day of the year?

Ok, it's a bit 'Humbug' but the whole escapade knocks a huge gap into my calendar and means that for most self-employed folk like me that it also knocks an even bigger hole in your pocket.

I'm sure the age-old pagan festival based on brightening up the darkest days of winter could do with a make-over and maybe we could move it to a more clement time of the year.

Is it worth considering as all this wallet bashing makes January a very miserable five weeks until payday?

Just a thought and the real winners are the shops and Amazon :-)

Have you figured that out too yet?

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