Wednesday, 17 December 2014

And I will Kiss - Underworld

Song Choice:- You need inspiration - try this . The whole thing is F Amazing!!!

One of the most uplifting pieces of musical history that I have ever been privileged to see, a complete one off and one of the tracks that when I listen to when  I'm running makes my knees lift and pace soar.

I just love it...There's something about the importance of the staging of this part of the Olympics Opening Ceremony that has your heart in your mouth. Will all the rings get to the same place, all at the same time, all lit up as it better had as the sceptical British Public's money has been spent on it?

Imagine how much stress Sir Danny Boyle must have been under. Just imagine how thrilled he was when it turned out the way it did...

My lesson from this is to think B I G. Invest heavily in time & effort and don't put up with anything or anyone second best. If someone or something gets in your way of your dream, tell them to Foxtrot Oscar. 

Do your best, expect the best from those around you and keep your standards as high as you can and when you need a kick up the arse watch or listen to the above piece of music.

'Forging a moment that will live with us forever' - Hazel Irvine

Can you say that about your life?

I like to think I've done things and say I have...

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