Friday, 26 June 2015

Blood of Eden - Peter Gabriel

Lyric:- Saw the End as We Began - Gabriel

Song Choice:- Eden could be in Madeira. A volcanic new world of an island with a amazing topographical horizons and not a flat road in sight!

A wonderful place indeed for a new beginning and Gabriel's, 'Saw the End as We Began' lyric has always intrigued me as so many times we set off on a project, maybe with a group of other like minded folk, a new job or even a long-term relationship knowing full well that eventually it's not going to work out.

You see we live our lives in hope and I'm just as guilty as anyone else at believing my glass is overflowing rather that just half full sometimes...

I meet so many people in the same predicament with that an all too familiar life experience. They hope their partners will shape up, their job will get better or that the lottery after 20 years will actually for once payout that elusive £1m jackpot that will solve all your problems.

The Dragon's Den Programme would no doubt invest in a 'Hindsight Spray' where you could with one easy spray learn all those pitfalls ahead of time and know the End as you Begin.

Would that make life better or less exciting - alternatively you could plan a future and then let it play out as there's nothing worse than a told you so comment when you told yourself it months or even years previously.

Try a new beginning, maybe on s rock off the coast of Portugal. When you do and you tell me it's just like Eden - I'll tell you I told you so...

More tomorrow...

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