Monday, 22 June 2015

Come talk to me - Peter Gabriel

US - Sir Peter of Gabriel (1992)
Lyric:- 'We can unlock this misery, come on, come talk to me' - Gabriel - Listen Here

Song Choice:- Well it's a new week and a New Classic Album Series of Blogs and the Next Album is....(drum roll, cymbal crash)...the 1992 Album 'US' by of course his highness Sir Peter of Gabriel, that old musical God and Hero of mine.

Why? Well because it's Bloody Brilliant, that's why! Oh and it's got some great tracks and lyrics on it that mean a lot to me and might mean a lot to you too.

This whole album always makes me feel good in fact and as I'm still buzzing from a 'bigmoose Average2Awesome' Coaching Session on Saturday and from a 'bigmoose' inspired 10km around Cardiff this afternoon, I feel really empowered and very glad to be alive. It's amazing this group of people embarking on this fitness journey has made me feel.

The energy within their group is already infectious. I'm looking forward to seeing how they change over the next weeks leading up to the Cardiff Half-Marathon. I'll keep you posted with their progress as we continue to unlock their boundaries and self-imposed limitations. Until as Gabriel puts it in the above track, 'All the barriers are blown away'.

More tomorrow folks...

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