Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Dreams - Fleetwood Mac

Lyric:- 'But listen carefully to the sound of your loneliness' - Nicks

Song Choice:- Track Two of my 'Rumours Blogs' and we're in the 'Heartbreak Hurt-Locker' of Fleetwood Mac's, Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham's failing relationship, (Not the 1995 dreadful Corrs version although I have nothing against the Oirish Crooners, especially Sharon Corr the Groups Violinist) where girl (Stevie) is letting boy (Lindsey) go, so musically well that Dreams was their biggest and only number one hit in the states plus a million plus seller.

Anyway, it's a bloody brilliant song with a really tight and I mean really tight rhythm section that the group were so famous for back in the '70s.

It makes me wonder how I would feel if I had to write about such a personal story to over a million sets of ears worldwide. Giving up someone that you love so much and moving must indeed have been devastating. Then again, we can't make people do and act the way we want them to sometimes or even any of the time and relationships are worked more democratically rather than passionately at all costs.

Finding out where ones passion is in life can take an age or just a moment. I'll let you be the judge of that one and sometimes it's better to have tried rather than not tried at all.

At least we have our dreams where we can explore our pasts and relive our triumphs or triumphs we believe we would have had. After all, the outside world only exists inside our own heads for us and only us to experience. Now that's kind of whacky when you think about it. Why not give it a try...

Dream on Bloggers and Enjoy the Enjoyable bits again. It's like having your own personal Dave Channel :-)

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