Saturday, 6 June 2015

Go your own Way - Fleetwood Mac

Lyrics:- 'How can I ever change things?' - Buckingham

Song Choice:- One of Fleetwood Mac's most enduring songs and a great Lindsey Buckingham number - in fact it's one of my favourite tracks on the Rumours Album.

And the question Buckingham asks is most interesting as sometimes it can seem a proper conundrum at times as one's predicament can often feel unchangeable, when in fact things always DO change only not at the speed that we desire perhaps. Life in fact works in a very slow motion I've found... When you looked into the bathroom mirror like I did this morning did you notice that you'd dramatically aged, gone bald or since you checked yourself out some 24 hours earlier. Well, unless you had a particularly bad day, of course you didn't BUT you might have done all three things in the last 10 years, I know I have.

No doubt, we'll all go through another such transformation and will have changed again by 2025. I wonder where we'll be and what we will have made of ourselves with another 3653 days under our belts. If you are still wondering how to change things by then, well you probably won't and there will be some people whom will be in the same predicament they are in right now. Is that you?

If it is maybe you should 'Go your own Way' and not the way others want you to...

More tomorrow.

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