Thursday, 11 June 2015

Oh Daddy - Fleetwood Mac

Lyric:- 'I don't understand why' - Ries & McVie

Song Choice:- The Penultimate Track of the Rumours Albums and a real favourite of mine, with more great guitar work and poignant lyrics.

You see it's very difficult sometimes to 'understand why' when you are in the now and that the 'understanding why' may come at a later date or maybe never at all. Yes, life isn't an equation that you can work out and sign off with a definite QED. Life isn't an exact science. It's a shame as we live in a time where everyone wants to know 'why?' and when they don't it causes them great deal of pain, me included.

I find with my coaching that folk come into my world, become a big part of it and then disappear after their race or life-event has passed.

That's only natural I suppose as that's my job, and it's up to me to deliver but there are some that lose their way and vanish because they might feel weak, overwhelmed or slip from the path and get things wrong - just like the lyrics in the above song.

That's the time when I believe that I'm at my best and really worthwhile knowing. The thing is you don't have to understand why, what, when, who or anything... All you need to know is that wherever you find yourself it won't last forever and there are people out there who want to help...

More tomorrow and the end of the Rumours Blogs. It's been emotional!

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