Sunday, 14 June 2015

D'Ya Know What I Mean - Oasis

Lyric:- 'Get up off the floor and believe in life, no one's ever gonna ever ask you twice' - Noel Gallagher

Song choice:- Well with Rumours firmly in my review mirrors, I heard this today and it's ages since I heard this little ditty from the Angry Boys of Madchester. I don't know how long since your heard it (listen here) but if you have a similar musical bent to me, you'll think it's bloody brilliant.

The lyrics are bitingly acidic as you would expect from mid-90's Oasis Brit Pop. The Gallaghers had made their money by the time this song charted and they could raise two-fingers to anyone they encountered. 

Success brings an air of...'Arrogance'. I've been called 'Arrogant' but maybe 'Confidence'  would have been nicer.

There are some gems in here though, 'Get up off the floor and believe in life' - Well that could be an anthem for anyone's life couldn't it. It could certainly be mine...

I hope it's going to accompany my Dixons-Carphone Clients as we run 10 miles together for their final coaching session with me for the Race to the Stones, tomorrow at Avebury.

It's going to be emotional...

"D'You Know What I Mean?"

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