Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Love to be Loved - Peter Gabriel

Lyric:- So, you know how people are, when it's all gone much too far, the way their minds are made - Gabriel

Song Choice:- A much more sombre offering from Sir Peter yet it's got a great vibe and some wonderful lyrics that on my eve of speaking at this year's Flame Conference in Telford seem most apt.

Sure we all 'Love to be Loved'. Not needed, required or be part of the furniture. We need to feel loved and cherished by those around us. Sometimes as time goes on that makes for irreversible situations and people give up on each other or things so much so, their minds are a closed book to change.

I'll speaking about 'Change, Changing and the process of Change tomorrow...My mind is full of how well my 'Dixons-Carphone Guys' have understood this very process and how fired up my 'Bigmoose Posse' are right now about the prospect of changing their minds on how they live their lives and how they will live them in the future.

It's powerful stuff and I feel ready for action right now - let's hope I do at 4am when I set off nice and early to get to sunny Telford, incidentally the scene of my First Marathon in 1994.

Yikes, that's a lonnnggg time ago and so much has changed since then...

Hopefully my audience with like where I'm coming from as 'I like to be liked', just as the above song's lyrics go. Have a listen yourself here .

More tomorrow my friends...

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