Monday, 1 June 2015

Second Hand News - Fleetwood Mac

Lyric:- I know you're hopin' to find, someone who's gonna give you piece of mind, when times go bad, when times go rough - Buckingham

Song Choice:- Well here's the first of my blogs from my second Classic Album series of Daily Thoughts. And what a classic album it is too...Selling over 40 million copies worldwide (at least four to me over the years), it sounds today as wonderful today as ever and listening in glorious 2015 with crystal clear acoustic dynamics, without the annoying scratch in You Make Loving Fun, makes for an even better listening experience. Buckingham's songs were always the best F-Mac songs IMO. I admit that at 14, I was more interested in how fit Stevie Nicks was on the cover and still am at 53 but have grown up enough to appreciate that Christine McVie was a much better singer, if not looker!

Anyway, it's the lyrics that I love about the album opener and considering the song was recorded back in the long hot summer days of 1976, they still stand strong. When you listen to the album now, and I hope you do, it's like opening a fine bottle of 1976 vintage where you can simply pour out the feelings of that long hot summer and drink in the warmth and heart-breaking emotions that the whole album delivers, time and time again.

Getting that 'Piece of Mind' that Buckingham is singing of for you will hopefully take less time than the passing of time since 'Rumours' release. Of course for some it will never come and if you are out there trying to find it, time away from everyone always helps straighten out ones thoughts and straighten out the road ahead. My greatest times for doing just that have been on the road running back to back multi-day ULTRAs where it's just you, your body and your thoughts versus, funnily enough YOURSELF. It's where determination takes over I've found.

Recently I've been questioned about my own process of needing people when times are good, bad, or when times are rough. My answer has always been to 'Toughen up Buttercup' as I tend to dig in and get on with it, which isn't probably the best way I'm reliably informed. 

What do you think?

More 'Rumours' tomorrow...

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