Wednesday, 10 June 2015

I don't wanna know - Fleetwood Mac

Lyrics:- 'Take a listen to your spirit, It's crying out loud' - Nicks

Song Choice:- I'm reaching the end of my Rumours Blog Series and if you are still hanging in on there with me please 'Take a listen to your spirit as I bet it's crying out VERY loudly indeed.

It's that voice in the back of your head that shout your thoughts that echo around the inside of your head on everything and everybody in your world. It tells you everything you know and everything you didn't know that now you do. It tells you to forget people as they don't deserve you and talks you back into talking to them again and giving them one last chance to be part of your world.

Your Spirit, can be your biggest asset and your biggest downfall. Controlling it is a very fine art indeed and takes a lifetime of learning and causes a lifetime of heartache along the way. Why do we let ourselves be turned inside out, time and time again?

It's because we're human and we have hope...hope that one day everything will be right. It will be perfect and everything will fit into place and the one zillion piece jigsaw of life will make the magic-eye picture of salvation that will underline our importance of being part of this world we live in.

Until then we have our Spirit to keep us going so when it's crying out loud to YOU, please listen!

More tomorrow.

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