Thursday, 4 June 2015

Don't Stop - Fleetwood Mac

Combined Weight Loss in Sugar in 80 days...
Lyric:- Yesterday's gone, yesterday's gone - McVie

Song Choice:- I love the 'Rum-a-tee pum-a-tee' of this track as it gathers momentum towards Buckingham's great guitar solo. Christine McVie's song about her marriage break up always sounds so positive to me, when in fact within it there's so much about being sad in the lyrics.

Feeling that a new day is out there and only a few hours can always help, especially when it feels like you are helpless and your day can't get any worse.

It's easy for folk to say that there are people a lot less worse off who'd love to have your problems but that doesn't help much when you are in need.

Asking for help isn't as bad as it's made out and contrary to the male belief of not asking in times of need, being lost, emotionally drained or where the beans are in ASDA isn't a sign of weakness, it's a sign that you want to help yourself make a change.

I've been at the Carphone Dixons Conference at the NEC with my Average-to-Awesome Guys today who did just that some 80 odd days ago and between them they've lost over 80kgs and not only look amazing - they are in fact shadows of their former selves and have undergone a massive personal upgrade!

My message to them and to you is Don't Stop thinking about tomorrow, as tomorrow is what you make it. Also Don't Stop thinking about yesterday as that's what's got you to today and that's the only place you can start putting things right as it's going to be here in just a few hours - Better than Before.

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