Tuesday, 16 June 2015

See the lights - Simple Minds

Lyric:- 'If you can see the lights shine in front of me' - Burchill & Kerr

Song Choice:- In a random week of Blogs, I thought I'd choose a bit of Simple Minds to lighten the mood. They were always more uplifting yet not as popular as U2 as I remember. Anyway this one does it for me quite nicely for me and you might remember it too. Have a listen here.

I always like to think as LIGHT being there at the end of a tunnel. You know the feeling, when everything's gone pitch black, yet there's just a chink of LIGHT to guide you along and give you hope to an end of your time in the dark.

You'll know just what I mean if you've ever run the Grand Union Canal Race and gone through the Canal Tow-path Tunnel at Shrewley, in Warwickshire. It's so dark in there, it's darker than a very, very dark black when all the dark blacks in the world have joined together and made the darkest black possible and then gone one shade darker. 

Yup, it's Dark...it's amazing that you know where to put your feet going through it as it's steep and has steps in it too. Find it and try it, you might like it and then consider how dark your life is in places...with you going headlong into it not knowing where your size 11's go. It's kinda weird.

Anyway...I've hopefully shone a bit of guiding light today for my lovely clients who've been living in their own shadows and have now decided to get into the 'Spotlight of Life', the one they desperately want to live.

It's heartening stuff and it's been a good old day - one to celebrate. Just like any other.

Are you in the DARK and need LIGHTENING up?
Do you know where you are going?

I'm here with some illuminating help if you want it. 

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