Monday, 15 June 2015

Granite - Pendulum

Lyric:- 'You were sucking life through the needles eye, this is a new day' - Thompson

Song Choice:- During a training session with my Average2Awesome Guys from Dixons-Carphone, I was asked what music would get you through the 100km of Race to the Stones. My reply, rather lengthy and full of a thousand songs included this one. This one really helps me pick my feet up!

And why not on a perfect day out on the Ridgeway Trail near Avebury, which has to be one of my favourite World Locations. There's something quite magical about the place - must be all those Stones and Lay lines that get people all buzzed up and giddy.

Anyway, the green fully grown barley swaying in a very Gladiator Film-like fashion, bright sunshine and blue skies really made me feel glad to be alive. Thompson is right in saying that we can waste time 'Sucking life through the needles eye'...

This is new day and there's a new dawn tomorrow with a full summer sun of fun to go out and drink in. I feel really invigorated from just a few hours and miles outside and away from email, phone and civilisation.

Maybe you would too?

More tomorrow.

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