Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Marathon - Rush

Lyric:- More than just a spark, more than just the bottom line or a lucky shot in the dark, in the long run - Peart

Song Choice:- Overwhelmed with running up Leckwith Hill, this hit my eardrums - VERY LOUDLY. It certainly did it for me and it could do it for you too, take a listen for yourself here. Never has so many drums been hit SO hard by one man! Neil Peart has to be the best drummer ever.

Anyway, it's been kinda emotional as I watched a couple of 'An Hour To Save Your Life' on the BBC iPlayer. If you haven't seen it, it will give you a big throat lump seeing some amazing Medics and Doctors trying to save the lives of some very broken people indeed. Some make it and some don't, in some cases just managing to keep their hearts long enough to get them to hospital before sadly dying. Luckily in most cases they make miraculous recoveries as the human body is fantastic as repairing itself.

The throat lump comes from the medical people interviewed, they are simply amazing...

Watching it makes me wonder what we make all the fuss about in our everyday lives. Some of today's headlines are 'Celebrities without makeup', presents for your Dad on Father's Day and Kate Moss misbehaving on a Plane. Really? WTF is all that about?

Geddy Lee sings 'You can do a lot in a lifetime, if you don't burn out too fast'. And so right he the above TV Show and then think how much we take our lives for granted. 

Wear a bike helmet? I had a bike crash when I was 18 and was knocked out cold, maybe that's where my madness started...

I'm very lucky to be out running 10 miles, injury free, enjoying the fresh air and Cardiff Panoramas at 53 years old.

Life's a marathon folks, go steady and you'll enjoy all of it's 26.2 miles...

I intend to!

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