Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Never going back again - Fleetwood Mac

Lyric:- 'Been down two times, I'm never going back again' – Buckingham

Song Choice:- Track three and the shortest on Fleetwood Mac's Rumours Album has some fantastic guitar playing from Buckingham himself and almost a solo effort signals possibly his isolation from the rest of the band. It certainly sounds a harsh song against the next offering from Christine McVie, which has a very produced mid 70's sound.

Both are great songs but possibly Buckingham's lyrics have the edge here as there's nothing worse than having a bad experience only not to revisit and succeed at virtually anything you come across in life. After my own 'Scary Dog Experience' at 4 years of age I've excluded them for the last 49 as I don't want to have the same experience again. If I'm out on a run and a dog faces up to me, I go into defence mode and I'm not very nice to know.

It's a shame though as I've missed out on all the benefits owning and caring for a dog bring...I'm sure I've done this with a lot of other areas in my life as I'm not turned on by failure and maybe it's time to allow myself to go back to places where I said I'd never go back again.

Don't expect me to go walking the dog, horse trekking or swimming the channel as I'm really NOT turned on by any of those things right now - but I might be in the future, who knows as I thight I wasn't turned on by running at one stage in my life.

What turns you off and on?

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