Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Art for Art's Sake - 10cc

Lyric:- 'Gimme a silver gimme a gold, make it a million for when I get old' - Stewart & Gouldman

Song Choice:- Taken from the brilliant 1976 album 'How dare you!' If you've never heard much of their music try a look on the BBC iPlayer as there's a great documentary on there about the band. The 'I'm not in Love' track was a particular slow dancing, trouser busting classic, when I was a lad btw.

Anyway, rather than just bashing on about life not being a dress rehearsal and not going the National Trust because it makes you older than your years, here's a question for you.

 Did you ever own a 'Spin Art' made by RAPCO? 

It proudly offers 'Fun for Fun Lovers 6 to 60'. I only ask as I never had one, a friend of mine did and it was just the best toy ever. It combined all the spinning, painting, felt-tips and crayoning an eight year old could ever want and even now some 46 years later, you can still buy the updated version and 'Spin Art' yourself crazy.

There's very little in the world that's new it seems. Ok every now and again we get a 'Quantum Leap' in the shape of the transistor, silicon chip or the internet but a lot of the time things are just an update of previous versions of the same thing. The 2017 Spin Art sadly doesn't offer 'Fun for Fun Lovers' but instead offers 'Fun and Easy to make Fun Creations' which can only be a sign of the times perhaps.

Maybe we can apply this theory to ourselves?

Let's face it, we are simply updates of our previous selves and perhaps we only make safer 'Fun Creations' rather than have 'Fun for Fun Lovers' in our more idealistic 21st century world. 

I might actually get one of these off Ebay and see what I missed owning my own 'Fun Filled Art Factory' as we didn't have the silver when we were young and now when we've got the gold, sadly it's too late.

Shall I get one for you too?

More tomorrow...

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