Thursday, 20 October 2016

Book and a Cover - Suzanne Vega

Lyric:- 'To paint on that pretty veneer and try to hide whatever's dirty? - Vega

Song Choice:- I've always loved Suzanne Vega and her quirky take on life. The whole folky and arthaus vibe made for easy listening back in the 80's and 90's and she produced some really memorable tunes. So, on my looking for a song about Books in my music library, imagine my delight when a lesser know Vega classic popped up, perfectly in time to illustrate my thoughts for the day.

I've just received the front cover proof of my long awaited book, 'A Rebel and a Runner' that will be out around the New Year (Watch out Amazon Charts!). I just love that picture. It encapsulates everything I'm really proud of achieving with my extreme running and I'm so glad that photographer, Mark Gillett, God rest his soul, was there to capture the moment. 

You see that's the glossiness of writing a book. That colourful outside pic that attracts folk to pick it up in the first place and then read the inside story. I wonder what folk will make of the stark Black and White text that plainly tells the nitty-gritty of whom I am with all the Good, Bad and  the Ugly bits thrown in...

We'll see eh? At the moment the final, final edit is taking place and I can't wait to see the finished book as it's been in production for nearly two years .

Unlike Vega, you'll see that I haven't painted over my cover veneer as I'm quite happy to let folk read whatever's dirty in my book.

Would you be with your life story?

More tomorrow...

Rory Coleman
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