Monday, 31 October 2016

Frozen - Madonna

Lyrics:- 'You only see what your eyes want to see, how can life be what you want it to be. You're frozen when your heart's not open' - Leonard & Ciccone

Song Choice:- This song really showcases everything that's great about our Madge' and at 6:19 minutes, it one of her longest tracks, which is also another reason why I like it so much. 

Just take a listen here as it's simply a great song and I'm not surprised if it's been off your radar for a while now as it was released way back in 1998.

Anyway, it's the 'adjective' definition of 'Frozen' that I'm interested in for today's blog, you know the one where you're 'Frozen with Fear'. It's one I know personally as I've been frozen solid like a statue in the past. If you've been there too you'll know what I mean and what it feels like to have your world crumbling around you in slow motion. It's a very peculiar situation to get yourself into. An almost 'Zen' like state where technically you could be described as being 'Locked in'. 

Yikes, thinking back sends a shiver down my spine...and if you are 'Frozen' right now, you have my upmost sympathy.

As for having my heart open? Well, I'd like to think mine always is, but sometimes we only see what we want to see or hear what we want to hear. The thing is, when you are a statue, you see and hear NOTHING.

As for fixing it? Or in this case thawing it out a bit, well that's a whole new ball game. You see, no one can fix it for you except yourself and that sure ain't easy.

So please don't ask me for a solution, as I haven't got one but I can help turn up the thermostat.

More tomorrow...

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