Sunday, 9 October 2016

Move On - Fashion

Fashion - But they weren't FASHION for too long...
Song Choice:- I bought Fashion's Fabrique Album way back in 1982  and I thought 'Move On' was a great single at the time. It sounds pretty dated now and see for yourself here. It's sad they never really made it, maybe being compared to their Brummie counterparts Duran Duran didn't help, what chance did they ever have eh? I wonder what they think now some 34 years on and whether they are still beating themselves up about what could have been...

And that leads me into my question to you tonight... Are you someone that continually beats yourself up about stuff that doesn't go your way or passed you by? Are you someone that can't draw a line in the sand? Are you someone that just HAS to say something, when you know it's not going to get you anywhere, but you say it anyway, because you HAVE to.

Well, I'll own up to the last one, although I didn't say anything to the pillock that parked right next to me in the massive TESCO Car Park in Cardiff we use for parkrun on Saturday, when he could have parked in hundreds of other places without nearly dinking my doors (Why do people do that?).

Anyway, before I go off on one about car parking, what I'm really good at is 'drawing a line in the sand and moving on'. I mean, just how long after you make a good old cock up do you let it go. An hour, a Day, a week, a month, a year, years, NEVER!!! In my experience you may as well as nothing ever gets things retrospectively right.

Yikes, Religion and our Judicial System would crumble if we weren't able to FORGIVE each other. Being able to start-over fresh is the way in my book. A few minutes on the bottom stairs always worked wonders in my patriarchal role, although I'm not sure if my elder children would agree. A good 'timeout' really helps though and a system reboot can soon get you back on track.

Being able to let things go really makes a difference. It's so liberating, I'm just flabbergasted sometimes that folk spend years wasting their emotional energy on things that they know they will NEVER make right and that will NEVER be right. It's SO corrosive to the soul.

So here's my advice. If you've recently 'Fucked Up', it's ok. 'Own up and Move On'. Set yourself and everyone around you free and you can then start again. 

Life is far too short...I know.

More tomorrow.

Rory Coleman
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