Thursday, 20 October 2016

Hey You - The Pink Floyd

Lyric:- 'Don't give in without a fight' - Waters

Song Choice:- Well it was either 'Hey You' or 'Pigs' for tonight's blog following an awesome Australian Pink Floyd gig in Bristol courtesy of my 200 days' dry friend Quentin Somerset. It was SO Rock and Roll, we even had a Mocha during the interval... Seriously though it's a great show and well worth a trip down memory lane if like me you saw the original Pink Floyd 'Wall' gig at Earl's Court in 1980.

'Hey You' was just one of the jukebox of amazing Floyd songs the band could have played last night, yet it stood out for me so much as I've always thought of it as a kinda cry for help sort of song. Gilmour's softer vocals on the first two verses leads nicely into Water's harsher more caustic voice for the third and fourth, which gives it the edge that I've always loved about the track so much.

In the reality of the 'Wall' double concept album, according to Wiki, Pink realises the mistake he made in shunning society, and attempts to regain contact with the outside world. However, he cannot see or hear beyond the wall. Pink's call becomes more and more desperate as he begins to realise there is no escape.

Yikes, it's heavy but that's what interests me in today's blog.

You see, that call of 'Hey You' can only come from within. No-one else can give you that It's a frequency only you can give out and receive. I know as I've been there fingers in ears, ignoring every bit of advice that ever came my way, denying I needed any help whatsoever but ask Quentin as I'm sure he'd tell you that too.

Sound familiar?

Anyway, nearly 40 years on from buying the wall as a very young and impressionable 17 year old, the music still spoke as loud as ever. 'Hey You' is one of those songs that lyrically gives you a great kick up the backside whilst being a beautifully written piece of rock theatre. I'll admit that I can't remember much of the 1980 show but I'll remember the Aussie gig for a long time to come and also as a 'Hey You' for my mate Quentin and in celebrating his 200th day.

More tomorrow...

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