Monday, 24 October 2016

Die Young - Black Sabbath

Lyric:- 'Chain the sun and it tears away, and it breaks you as you run, you run, you run' - Butler, Dio, Iommi & Ward

Song Choice:- Well ok it's a track from 1980, but I've included it into my seven special tracks from the 70's as on listening to it yesterday, it struck a real chord not only with my current situation but also with where I am some 54 years into my life's innings.

You see, on reaching your half-century, it's really easy to take your foot off the gas and 'Die Young', in a kind of giving up 'cos I'm getting old kinda way. I'm not being horrible, as I can see just how that happens to folk but its a trap that's easy to fall into, even if you are the most determined 'stay young at heart' person.

It's that National Trust Membership lifestyle as I call it. There's nothing wrong with the NT btw it's just for grey haired people. For some, their mid 50's now marks their retirement... What a waste! A waste of life...And I'm not wasting any of my time I can assure you from now on.

The track continues...

'And still to think you're free' - which is a great line, because can you say that you are free?It's really important that I still believe I am and far from the end of my innings, especially as I got very close to seeing the bright light at the end of the tunnel recently.

In a week leading up to my first competitive marathon at Beachy Head on Saturday I'm definitely not 'Dying Young' are you, or are you dead already?

More tomorrow...

Rory Coleman
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