Sunday, 30 October 2016

Scream if you wanna go faster - Geri Halliwell

Lyric:- 'Don't let life pass you by, jump on in, get ready to fly' - Halliwell & Nowells

Song Choice:- I never need an excuse to choose this great pop-song from Geri Halliwell. It's still fresh some 15 years on and if you need an adrenalin boost before or even during a run, this might just do the trick. Take a look or a listen here.

I could have done with listening to it myself yesterday, especially when I was hitting the last of the Severn Sisters on the Beachy Head Marathon. Shame my iPhone died with 50% battery in the damp weather early on. You see by 22 miles I'd  used up all my stored energy and the oxygen I was breathing in just wasn't enough get my heart-rate anywhere below maximum.  

It doesn't matter though, as that's what I'd expected to happen on the day and I was just super-glad to be back running. Luckily, my legs were totally willing the whole way and after a couple of miles of fast walking up the last hill, I ran hard to the finish and enjoyed the satisfaction of finally getting off the #976th marathon mark, to be met by Chrissie (above) and Ali (My biggest fans from Brighton).

Being able to click over my marathon total over means a lot today as it feels like the sand has started to trickle through my marathon hourglass once again. There's nothing worse for someone like me to be stuck in suspended running animation.

Go Faster? Well, going fast would be a start. The difference in my overall level of fitness was staggering and I took over two hours longer than my previous Beachy Head Marathon in 2014.

The best thing is that my body isn't too frazzled and my legs they will recover quite nicely by Wednesday of this week, when I'll start jogging again.

Like I said though, best bit of running the marathon was to feel 'NORMAL' once again, and I certainly felt that.

I now feel like a sleep, but I might wait for the Mexican Grand Prix later for that.

More then...

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